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Comics on Kindle
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What you need:
- the comic you want to convert, as an ordered set of images within a folder
- a handy little conversion program called Mangle

How to convert:
1. Connect your Kindle. Check if it contains a folder called "pictures". If not, create it.
2. Run Mangle
3. Add the comic folder to the current book (Book -> Add -> Directory)
4. Go to Book - > Options to name the comic and select your Kindle model
5. Export the comic to Kindle (Book -> Export, select the Computer -> Kindle -> pictures folder). Alternatively, you can export to a folder on your hard drive and then move that folder manually to your Kindle's pictures folder.
6. The comic will show up on your Kindle's books list. Enjoy :)

Dictionaries for Kindle
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1. Get a dictionary from StarDict's collection:

2. <name> is actually a gzip archive. Rename to <name>.dict.gz, then extract the .dict file

3. Get StarDict Editor:

4. Convert the dict file to a tab-delimited text file with StarDict Editor (DeCompile -> <name>.ifo)

5. Get tab2opf and convert the tab-delimited dictionary to opf ( <name>.txt)

6. Now convert this to mobi with MobiGen (mobigen.exe <name>.opf)

7. Copy to Kindle and select as main dictionary.

Downloading books
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Since pretty much everyone on my friends list loves to read, here is a short how-to on downloading ebooks from IRC :)

Step 1: Get an IRC chat client. mIRC will do fine.

Step 2: Setting up the connection. The options window will open when you first start mIRC (and if it doesn't, you can find it under Tools->Options. Type in a username and an email address (doesn't have to be your real address), then head on to Servers and choose Undernet, random EU/US server. After you connect to the server, you'll be asked what channel you wish to join. Type in #bookz and click Join. The chat window will open.

Step 3: Searching. Type @seek followed by a list of keywords separated by spaces, for an example:

@seek tolkien silmarillion

You should get some kind of notice in the chatbox that a searchbot is processing your request, and a zip file with search results will follow shortly. You can also use @search with a list of keywords. Don't use @find! That will get you bombarded by new chat windows from every bot that has something matching your search query - very annoying.

Step 4: Downloading. The search results will be a list of entries like this:

!bot_name book_name.pdf ::INFO:: size_in_kB

only with actual names of course :) Copy the !bot_name book_name.pdf part into the chat window. The bot will reply that it received your request and, usually within a few seconds, send you the book. By default, everything you download will be stored in mIRC's download folder (usually C:\Program Files\mIRC\download).

Step 5: Weird formats. Most ebooks are in HTML, PDF or some other normal format, but occasionally you'll run across books formatted for Microsoft Reader (LIT). ConvertLit takes care of those.

Happy reading! :)

Friends only
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Apart from an occasional minimalistic tutorial, this journal is friends-only. If you want me to add you, reply to this post.


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